Yurt Framework

The woodwork of a yurt comprises of four main elements :-

Trellis wall - this is made in two or three sections depending on the size of the yurt. The individual laths are cut to size, drilled, steamed to shape, sanded, oiled and then knotted to each other to form a trellis panel. The panels are tied to each other and the uprights of the door frame. A tension band is fitted around the walls from one door post to the other.

Door frame - this is made in four pieces, the uprights fittng snuggly into the top and bottom pieces to give a rigid frame.

Rafters - these are all steam bent in the same former to give an elegant uniform shape to the yurt. They are tied to the top of the side walls and socketed into the crown wheel. They are laced to each other giving the framewok remarkable stability.

Crown wheel - this is technically the most difficult part of the yurt to make. The rim is steam bent to shape, tapered sockets are cut for each rafter and then spars are steam bent and fitted in a traditional pattern.






Canvas work

Ravenwood yurt covers are made in three parts from rot and water proofed 12 or 15 oz canvas.The canvas may also have an additional fire retardent proofing if required.

Roof cover - this is shaped for a perfect fit, covering the rafters and top of the trellis walls. It does not cover the crown wheel but fits around it. The bottom of the roof cover has an inner skirt into which the side walls are fastened.

Canvas wall - this is made in one piece to prevent draughts. It covers the walls overlapping at the door frame to give both an inner and outer door. The bottom of the wall is made of plastic which prevents it rotting. It also has an inner skirt so that a ground sheet, if used, may be fitted. Windows may be made if required.

Crown wheel cover - this not only covers the crown wheel but part of the roof. It is "made to measure" so as to fit perfectly to the pitch of the roof preventing rain and wind creeping in. This cover is in the shape of a star and has special window plastic sewn in the top for extra light. The crown wheel cover may be removed ,totally or in part, during good weather to allow more ventilation.

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